How to Distribute Flyers

It's now easier than ever to send flyers to families! Peachjar makes it possible to upload digital flyers within minutes and without having to leave your office.

To get started, log in to your Peachjar account. From the navigation bar on the left, select "Distribution". The flyer distribution overview is your distribution hub where you can do the following:

Browse flyer templates
Access our library of free school flyer templates using the Browse Flyer Templates button.

Send and post flyer
When you have a flyer ready for upload, select the Send & Post Flyer button to get started.

Edit flyer drafts
Save your flyer submission at any point by selecting the Finish Later button. Select the Edit button on a flyer draft anytime to finish submitting.

View flyers pending approval
Flyers that are submitted for approval are listed as pending flyers until the flyer has been approved or denied by the district or school approver.

Remove flyer
Flyers that are pending approval can be removed by selecting the Remove Flyer button. 

  • Removing a flyer will prevent future flyer emails and take it down from the school flyer boards.
  • Flyers that have been removed will not impact flyer metrics and will continue to be available in Reporting.


Browse Flyer Templates

Peachjar offers a library of free Microsoft Word school flyer templates! To navigate to this page, go to Flyer Distribution and select the Browse Flyer Templates button. Once you find a template you would like to use, hover over the template to click and download the Word file. Customize your flyer and save it as a PDF file to upload.
flyer templates


Send & Post Flyer

You can select either "Distribution > Send and Post Flyer" or you can simply select "Send and Post Flyer" from the left navigation. You can make edits or save your work during any step of this process.


Upload & Review Flyer

Review the flyer guidelines and ensure that your PDF file complies. 



Next, click Upload PDF File, select the file of the flyer from your computer, once the file has successfully uploaded click Continue to Preview. You can also drag and drop your flyer file onto the dropzone. Files must be in PDF format, but you can upload files up to 50 MB in size!

upload flyer-2


To ensure the content of the flyer will be recognized by screen readers for the visually impaired, the flyer is scanned resulting in a text version. Review carefully to make sure the scanned text description matches the contents of the flyer.

If changes need to be made to the flyer, you can re-upload a new flyer by clicking Reupload Flyer. Once the flyer review is complete, click Continue to Set Flyer Details.

text version-1


Set Flyer Details

Flyer Title is limited to 45 characters

Street Address is the physical address of the flyer location to help parents with distance and directions. Street Address is optional.

Interactive call-to-action buttons increase parent engagement. You can add Learn More as your primary call-to-action button and one secondary call-to-action button from options shown. Both are optional.

If you select Get App and provide an app download web address, the system will automatically detect whether the parent is using an Android or iOS and will populate the appropriate link.

set flyer details

Pick Flyer Delivery

District Staff:

Select which schools you would like to distribute your flyer to in your district. Below the schools you will see the Staff Groups option. If your district has this set up already, you may select it for distribution. If it's not set up, please contact us for assistance.

district staff select schools-2


School Staff:

Select your school to distribute your flyer. 

school staff select schools-1
Select a Distribution Target Date - this is the date the flyer will be distributed.
  • If your district requires your flyer to be approved your flyer will be distributed on the Distribution Target Date or the date the flyer was approved depending on which one comes first.
  • The Distribution Target Date cannot exceed 365 calendar days from the date of submission.

Set the number of distributions – this is how many times your flyer will be emailed to parents and continued on your district or school's flyer board. 
  • Only one distribution is allowed every 30 calendar days.
  • You can select a maximum of 12 distributions.

Select a Post Expiration Date - this is the date your flyer will come down from your district or school's flyer board.

  • The Post Expiration Date is limited to the number of distributions you select.

set distributions

Review Flyer Details

Review your flyer details to ensure accuracy. View the schools you selected by clicking on the arrow. 

Click "Edit Flyer" if you would like to change anything, or "Submit" if you are ready to proceed. 

review flyer

Your Flyer has been Submitted

Congratulation your flyer has been successfully submitted. Click on Flyer Report to view the status of your flyer, to promote your flyer use the Facebook and Twitter links or copy the link to share it out.   

Once you are ready click Done to be brought back to the Flyer Distribution Overview page.


We hope Peachjar simplifies and streamlines your flyer distribution to parents. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy uploading!