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How to Send & Post Flyer

It's never been easier to send flyers to families. The Peachjar platform makes it possible to upload flyers for distribution within minutes and effectively reach parents without ever having to leave the office. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to your new flyer distribution buddy!


Post & Notify

Submit your flyer to be distributed to parents at your selected schools. Your flyer will be posted on the selected schools’ web flyer boards and sent in an email notification to parents.

To start submitting your first flyer, click on "Post & Notify."

Prepare Flyer 

Use the following requirements: 

  • PDF file format
  • Size 8.5” X 11” 
  • Portrait Orientation
  • Under 50MB in file size 
  • 12pt minimum font size 

Note: Links embedded in the flyer PDF are not supported. 


Upload Flyer

  • Once your flyer is in PDF format, click "Upload PDF File."
  • Click "Continue to Flyer Review."


Review and Edit Text Version

To help blind or visually impaired recipients to read your flyer, we extracted its content and established a text version of your flyer. The design of your flyer may require you to edit the text version. Please review carefully to ensure the text version of your flyer is correct.

Edit the text:

  • Click in the text box to edit the information on your flyer. 
  • In this stage, you can reupload the flyer by clicking "Reupload Flyer" at the bottom of the page. 
  • When you finish editing the text, click "Continue to Set Flyer Details."+


Set Flyer Details

Provide Basic Info

  • Flyer Title: Provide a title for your flyer.
  • You can provide an optional street address. This is to assist people with distance and directions. 

Add Call-to-Action Buttons 

As an option, you can choose one primary CTA button to help parents take action on this flyer. Click "Continue to Flyer Delivery" after this step.

  •  Sign up: Add a sign-up URL; this will appear in the flyer email.
  • Call: Add a phone number; this will appear in the flyer email.
  • Email: Add an email so they can reply back.
  • Get App: Include a web app so that they can download it.
  • Donate: Include a URL, where they can make a donation.

  • Learn more: Additionally, add as an option the "Learn More" CTA button to provide more information for parents about this flyer. For example, link to your website or a more comprehensive PDF.

Note: You can only add one CTA button.


View schools near program’s location 

Adding the address of your event: 

  • In "Set Flyer Details," you can include the address of the event in the flyer; this will display on the map a "flag" of your event and all the nearby schools.
  • You won’t be able to search outside the area of the "flag."  This is to help you find the schools near your event.
  • Click on all the schools to which you want to distribute the flyer.

Pick Audience

Parents (including staff from specific schools)

Flyers distributed to a school’s parents are also distributed to staff and volunteers who are "following" that school. Each staff member and volunteer can change their preference for following the school(s) they are associated with in their account information.

Alternatively, flyers can be distributed to all of the school district’s staff and volunteers or to the staff and volunteers at selected school sites by picking the "staff" option. The flyer will be distributed to both parents and staff at the schools selected above. The staff of the school are by default  following their school. 


Quickly select a set of schools by specifying the schools’ grade range. Selecting a set of schools by specifying the schools’ grade range results in flyers being distributed to all parents subscribed to each relevant school. For example, if you limit the schools' grade range to 3-5, all parents who subscribe to schools with 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade will receive the flyer. 

Staff Only

Flyers will be distributed to staff only.  From the list, you can choose which school staff members to send the flyer to.

Switching Audience

If you switch the type of audience when one or more schools are selected, you will be notified that all current school selections will be discarded upon switching audience type.

Schedule Distribution

Each distribution results in your flyer being posted on the selected schools’ web flyer boards and sent in an email notification to parents.

  • Select a distribution target date, this is the date you would like to start distributing your flyer. Click on the calendar icon to choose a date. 
  • Choose how many distributions a month you would like to send, all distributions are 28 days apart. 
  • Choose a Post Expiration date, the last day your flyer will be posted on the school’s web flyerboard. Your flyer can be posted up to 28 days from the last distribution. If you want your flyer posting to expire further out, you’ll need to add an additional distribution. 

Post Expiration Date

Add the date you want the flyer to expire. The Post Expiration Date is automatically set in 28 days. District/School users can expire the flyer anytime within the current school year. The end date of a school year is July 31st. 

Your flyer is ready to be submitted!


Once you submit your flyer, you will no longer be able to edit it. Please carefully review the details to ensure accuracy. If you need to make changes to the flyer or the text version, click "Edit Flyer."

Your flyer has been submitted!

After you click "Submit," you can promote your flyer.

Additionally, to check up on the status of your flyer, you can go to Reporting to check the status of your flyer.

We hope Peachjar simplifies and streamlines your flyer distribution to parents. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.