Peachjar improves school-to-home communication for Tacoma Public Schools by streamlining school flyer distribution and delivering eflyers directly to parents.


Peachjar, a San Diego based technology company, is helping schools across North America improve their parent and community engagement by distributing school flyers electronically. Tacoma Public Schools has successfully implemented this innovative system.

Since it introduced Peachjar in September of 2014, Tacoma Public Schools has eliminated the need to print over 1.2 million paper flyers, saving 142 trees. “Clearly, the environmental benefits are worth their weight in trees,” stated Daniel Voelpel, Public Information Director for Tacoma Public Schools. “But for our school district, we have made it our mission to find ways to increase teaching time. On that front, Peachjar has been a godsend. As a district with more than 28,000 students in 55 locations, our staff spent way too much class time sorting papers and making sure each student had their packet of flyers in their backpack. Even so, our middle schools and high schools often balked at sending flyers home with their students, because the papers rarely made it past the parking lots. Not anymore! We now know that flyers get to our parents electronically without taking any class instruction time away from teachers.”

Tacoma Public Schools implemented Peachjar’s system for free since local enrichment and community organizations pay a small service fee to distribute their school-approved eflyers and post them online. These eflyers are sent directly to parents who see them as visually engaging images right on their smartphone or computer screen. Parents click to sign up their children for youth sports, enrichment programs, and community events.

About Peachjar: 
Peachjar was founded in 2011 in response to the billions of paper flyers being carried home from schools each year in children’s backpacks. The company has helped thousands of schools improve their communication to parents by delivering eflyers directly to them. Check out Peachjar’s one-minute animatic to learn more.

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