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About the Webinar

Today's parents move fast. To keep up, businesses need to leverage the latest technology and marketing best practices - to provide parents with an easy and speedy customer experience. An overwhelming website, busy email, or manual registration process can result in a frustrated parent who would rather move on to the next option than suffer through the poor user experience. The result? Everyone loses.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How technology can significantly improve program enrollment
  • The differences between an effective and poor user experience
  • 5 steps your organization can take to start boosting registrations today

Learn how your organization can use the power of digital engagement to reach more parents, generate more leads, and drive maximum registrations.

About the Presenter

Gary Tuch is the Co-Founder of SimplyAfterschool. He has helped innovate the after school industry over the last decade. Gary has started several award winning after school programs along with a national education franchise. He has helped hundreds of organizations take their after school programs and camps off the ground and make them viable revenue streams.