Peachjar improves school-to-home communication for Hayward Unified School District by streamlining school flyer distribution and delivering eflyers directly to parents.


Hayward Unified School District has launched Peachjar, a digital communication tool that will increase parent and community engagement while saving trees. "Teaching our students about earth conversations was not enough. Peachjar has provided the evidence-based and proactive model to teach - show and tell our students they can contribute to preserving Mother Earth." Stan "Data" Dobbs, superintendent and CEO of Hayward Unified School District.

Since implementing Peachjar just last month, Hayward Unified School District has already eliminated the need to print over 800,000 sheets of paper, consequently saving nearly 100 trees. Additionally, the school district no longer incurs the administrative burden and costs associated with paper flyer distribution.

About Peachjar: 
Peachjar was founded in 2011 in response to the billions of paper flyers being carried home from schools each year in children’s backpacks. Parents across North America now receive important school information on to go, and can click to register their children for activities and events. Check out Peachjar’s one-minute animatic to learn more.

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