Peachjar improves school-to-home communication for Clover School District by streamlining school flyer distribution and delivering eflyers directly to parents.


Peachjar, a San Diego based technology company, is on a mission to help schools get out of the flyer delivery business. Clover School District recently implemented Peachjar’s innovative system for distributing school flyers electronically. According to Mychal Frost, Clover School District’s Public Information Officer, “Our transition to eflyer distribution has been well-received by our school community. Groups in our community are realizing cost savings and have seen increased participation in events and programs due in large part to our new flyer distribution program facilitated by Peachjar. The eflyer process has reduced the burden on our teachers and support staff who for years served as the distribution channel for countless flyers each year. Since implementing Peachjar in May 2014, we have saved over 125,000 pieces of paper while improving the delivery of community information to our families.”

Clover School District implemented Peachjar’s system for free since local enrichment and community organizations pay a small service fee to distribute their school-approved eflyers and post them online. These eflyers are sent directly to parents who see them as visually engaging images right on their smartphone or computer screen. Parents click to sign up their children for youth sports, enrichment programs, and community events.

About Peachjar: 
Peachjar was founded in 2011 in response to the billions of paper flyers being carried home from schools each year in children’s backpacks. The company has helped schools across the nation improve their school-to-home communication by delivering eflyers directly to parents. Check out Peachjar’s one-minute animatic to learn more.

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