Peachjar improves school-to-home communication for Chula Vista Elementary Schools by streamlining school flyer distribution and delivering eflyers directly to parents.


Peachjar, a San Diego based technology company, is on a mission to help schools get out of the flyer delivery business. Chula Vista Elementary School District recently implemented Peachjar’s innovative system for distributing school flyers electronically to many of their 45 schools.

School officials praised Peachjar’s ability to distribute event and activity information in emails in an engaging, full color, digital format that is as easy to read on a smartphone as it is on a desktop computer. “Our District and school flyers really stand out now in parent emails,” said Anthony Millican, Chula Vista Elementary School District’s Director of Communications and Community Development. “In addition to the environmental benefit of going paperless, Peachjar has saved our schools considerable staff time. The volume of paper flyers we were distributing by hand in our classrooms was staggering.”

By using this new system, Chula Vista Elementary Schools expect to save nearly 70 tons of paper per year, over 1,100 trees. Additionally, Chula Vista Elementary Schools have eliminated the administrative burden and material cost associated with paper flyer distribution.

Importantly, Peachjar strives to connect more students with enrichment programs since outside organizations also use the system to distribute their school-approved eflyers. All eflyers are emailed directly to parents who see an image of the eflyer right on their smartphone or computer screen. One click takes parents straight to the organization’s website, making it easy for parents to sign-up.

From soccer leagues and art classes to music lessons and tutoring programs, students thrive by participating in extracurricular enrichment activities. Now Chula Vista parents can stay informed, help their schools, and help the environment, all at the same time.

About Peachjar: 
Peachjar was founded in 2011 in response to the amount of paper flyers that were going home with students - and the amount that weren't actually making it home. Since then, the company has helped districts across the nation improve their school-to-home communication by delivering eflyers directly to parents.

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